Do you know Paris by boat ?

WeBoat offers you to climb aboard its Dutch Yacht, specially designed for a 360 ° view of Paris and a moment that you can share all together without having to leave your seat.

From €89/pers. (2 glasses of wine offered).

Choose your playlist or let us do it.
Have a glass of champagne and let our Rosé “La Petite Seine” flow freely. Put on your Ray Ban and your best smile for Instagram. Stand by to cast off and move ahead to the Eiffel Tour!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on board.


This is your captain speaking

our cruising time will be approximately 2h00 in Paris from the “Port de l’Arsenal” in Bastille, following the Seine river, we will lead you to the beautiful “Statute de la Liberté” where we will turn around to reach the City of Fashion and Design and finally find our home port. A blue sky and fine weather should expect us today!

Thank you for choosing WeBoat and wish you a very pleasant cruise.