Do you want a journey full of magic in Paris, with a private boat cruise on the Seine River ?
WeBoat ballades apéro entre amis en bateau sur la Seine
WeBoat ballades apéro entre amis en bateau sur la Seine
WeBoat Bateau privé croisière privée Seine Paris
Do you know Paris by boat ?

Our cruising time will be approximately 1.30 hrs in Paris from the Louvre Museum, following the Seine river, we will lead you to the beautiful “Tour Eiffel” where we will turn around to reach the City of Fashion and Design and finally find our departure point. A blue sky and fine weather should expect us today!

Make your cruise an unforgettable moment with our musician on board or our photographer or even our historian. Do not hesitate to contact us or phone us for more information regarding Boat trips and trips on the Seine in Paris and Boat privatization in Paris on the Seine River.

Croisière en bateau privé sur la Seine à Paris
This is your captain speaking !

WeBoat offers you to climb aboard its Dutch Yacht, specially designed for a 360 ° view of Paris and a moment that you can share all together without having to leave your seat. From €89/pers. (2 bottles of wine or 1 bottle of champagne offered). Choose your playlist or let us do it. Have a glass of champagne and let our Rosé “Demoiselles” flow freely. Put on your Ray Ban and your best smile for Instagram. Stand by to cast off and move ahead to the Eiffel Tour!

Any question ?

Any suggestions ? Any question ? We will be happy to chat with you!

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The Bastille, Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, the Orsay Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Concorde Obelisk or even the Louvre Museum… How about going up the Seine to aboard a Dutch yacht to discover the treasures of the capital from a new perspective?

From a simple tourist stroll with friends, to a romantic stroll, including a very festive aperitif cruise on the Seine, private boat rental with WeBoat is aimed at everyone who wants a different experience in Paris!

Departing from the Louvre Museum, we invite you to board your private boat in Paris for a 1.5 hrs cruise. From simple walks to themed walks, including an aperitif cruise on the Seine or a private dancing boat, there is something for all tastes, all occasions and all atmospheres.

For each of these adventures on the waters among the most emblematic monuments of the French capital and along the banks of the Seine, you are guaranteed to keep an unforgettable memory.

Romantic stroll, a marriage proposal, a tourist river cruise, a photo shoot, a boat aperitif in Paris, a dancing evening on the Seine… There are a thousand and one reasons to choose to privatize your boat, the main thing remaining to enjoy an exceptional moment and a breathtaking view of the main Parisian monuments in the company of your WeBoat captain.

What could be better suited to the bucolic character of a mini-cruise on the Seine and in the privileged setting of the very center of Paris than a Dutch-designed ship, a destination expert in river navigation.

It is aboard “Sam”, our Dutch yacht, the first member of the WeBoat fleet, that we invite you to embark. Whatever the event you are celebrating, the occasion you are celebrating or the pleasure you are treating yourself to, our boat can accommodate two to twelve people in the greatest comfort.

Elegance of the materials, quality of the seats, ease of use on board, discretion of the captain, everything comes together aboard your private boat on the Seine to give you an exceptional moment far from the hustle and bustle of Paris. A timeless moment that promises you a change of scenery, conviviality and good humor.

On deck or in the cabin, we invite you to sit comfortably to enjoy your private cruise on the Seine River to visit Paris in an unusual way or to enjoy a moment of silence surrounded by your loved ones. We promise, you might love the experience and want to come back aboard our private boat.

Moored on the quays of the Port de l’Arsenal, we suggest you embark at the Louvre Museum for your private cruise to Paris. For two hours during which you can enjoy a champagne or wine aperitif and listen to music via your playlist or the musical inspirations of your crew, you will discover the prestigious places of the capital, from the loops of the Seine.

Traveling along the banks of the Seine with WeBoat allows you to discover or rediscover the Île Saint Louis, the Île de la Cité and the Île aux Cygnes, to pass under legendary bridges such as the Pont Neuf, the Pont des Arts, the Alexandre III bridge or the Pont Royal, to sail between the Trocadéro and the Bassins du Champ de Mars or to admire the Eiffel Tower with a new perspective.

What could be more beautiful than a boat aperitif in Paris to enjoy all these wonders without having to face the crowds of tourists? A unique experience made possible thanks to the upper deck of our private boat on the Seine which offers you a 360° panoramic view of the capital.

So, whether you are a freshwater sailor or a boat lover on the Seine, trust Weboat to transform the event into a moment that belongs only to you.

Do you want this river cruise moment on the Seine to match your event? Would you like to add your touch to the privatization of the ship, add a theme to the boat trip, ask us to add a specific decoration or give even more magic to your aperitif on the Seine?

Privatizing your cruises on the Seine with WeBoat gives you the possibility of personalizing the atmosphere of the boat. Flowers, accessories for photo shoots, decorative objects, illuminations for night cruises… As long as it is possible to reconcile your desire for decoration with the number of people to accommodate, the atmosphere to give to the cruise and the compliance with safety conditions on board, then everything becomes possible.

If you are looking for more authenticity than the atmosphere of the Bateaux Mouches, if you want to enjoy a magical moment during your visit to Paris or an unforgettable moment with your friends during a more intimate aperitif cruise on the Seine , so treat yourself to the WeBoat experience!

We promise you that you will find yourself at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, travel the Seine by boat, cruise along the Invalides aboard a luxury yacht or open a bottle of champagne in the heart of Paris with Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral as your backdrop. background, always create strong emotions that we will not soon forget.

If you are ready to experience a private cruise in Paris, all you have to do is contact our on-board crew who will be able to guide you in your process of privatizing our private yacht on the Seine.

Our crew and our skipper captain offer you an experience that goes well beyond river tourism aboard traditional Parisian boats.

Embarking aboard our Dutch Yacht is the opportunity to experience a timeless moment, entirely designed for a change of scenery, the personalization of your events and occasions, but also and above all to offer you our vision of river cruises: more vibrant, more personal and always unforgettable.

With Weboat, a walk on the Seine turns into an experience in its own right, an excursion aboard a private boat with a crew dedicated to the quality of the moment you want to experience.

So whether you want to enjoy a tavern along the water, a photo studio for your fashion shoots in the heart of Paris or a romantic evening for two at sunset, you can count on the know-how about our team and the exceptional nature of our boat trip.

To experience these truly rich moments, we suggest you book your private boat cruise in Paris along the banks of the Seine with Weboat.